How To Use Tanning Oil And How Does Tanning Oil Work?

tanning oil

Knowing how to use tanning oil products correctly is highly recommended, especially for those trying to achieve that perfect, sun-kissed bronze color with their tanned skin. Even if you are working on your natural tan in the sun or using sunless tanning methods, the use of tanning oils:

  1. Offer you a perfect complexion.
  2. Provide you with additional sun protection.
  3. Help you tan faster
  4. Make sure your tan is even

So what does tanning oil do, and how does tanning oil work?

By applying tanning oils to your skin, your skin will attract more ultraviolet rays from the sun and focus them on your skin. With more UV exposure, the melanin in your skin is produced faster, speeding up and intensifying the process of achieving an ideal tan in areas that have been treated with tanning oils.

How do I use tanning oil products correctly?

  1. A high sun protection factor is important

Attracting more UV rays means faster tanning, but it also means your skin needs more sun protection. When buying tanning oil products, make sure that you choose one with a high sun protection factor. A sun protection factor of 15 or a little higher is ideal for avoiding the skin’s dryness and reddening.

Of course, skin care products with SPF regulate the intensity of the sun’s rays your skin absorbs, so using a product with a high SPF will only be counterproductive. That’s why choosing an SPF 15 product is an optimal combination to use with your tanning oil, as it will prevent sunburn, while the oil will act as a catalyst for your natural tanning efforts, and they won’t. They will not cancel each other out.

2. How to put on tanning oils?

Pour the wanted amount of your tanning oil into the palms of your hands and spread and rub the oil evenly over the areas of your body that you wish to tan. If you are using it on delicate skin areas like your face, make sure to do it gently and evenly.

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3. How often should you reapply?

Those of you who really want to rush things up should reapply tanning oil every 2 hours, especially if you are active (sweat a lot) or if you swim and go to the water frequently. However, if you don’t want to risk excessive tanning too quickly, we recommend applying it every 3 to 5 hours. In general, it depends on your preferences and your skin type.


Those who exceed the frequency and amount of tanning oil are likely to develop nasty allergies, acne, and sunburn that can even lead to serious skin conditions.

We hope we could answer the questions under the headline: “How To Use Tan Oil?” And “How do tanning oil work?”


Now, what is your experience with using sunscreen and tanning oils? Do you have the perfect ratio when it comes to using tanning oils and sunscreen? And how frequently do you reapply the oil for optimal results? Please share the article with your friends and leave your opinion in the comments.