PDFBear: Your Best Online PDF to Word Converter


“Your Best Online PDF to Word Converter?” is one of the general questions asked on the internet. It is a problem faced by many, especially now during the Covid pandemic where almost everyone is working with documents online. There are many solutions to choose from by typing the words “how to convert PDF to word” in google, but how do you know which one to choose?

PDFBear is a proven PDF to Word solution that is guaranteed to work. Instead of manually retyping a PDF file, PDFBear can do the conversion with ease, saving you a lot of time. This converter is free, easy to use, and has an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature.

Simple, Clear, and Straightforward

These days a lot of people are using PDF files. It is one of the most widely-used document formats. It is preferred by many for it is easy to open on any device. But whenever a change is needed, it is easier to edit it in other formats.

Whenever you need to convert your PDF file to a word document, PDFBear has your back. It is super simple; all you have to do is follow a few steps. In just a few seconds, you will have your converted file; just follow the steps below:

  1. Without having to install anything, go to PDFBear.com and choose the PDF to Word Converter tool. You can then click on ‘Select Files’ or drag your file from your computer and drop it to the PDF converter. Wait for it to upload.
  2. Once uploaded, wait for the converter to do its thing. It will only take seconds to convert your file.
  3. Wait for your file to get convert. PDFBear cares about its users and knows that ‘Time is Gold’. The speed may vary depending on the size of your file, but with a good internet connection, it should be quick as a flash.
  4. After the three steps, you can download your file to your preferred file destination or copy the link and share it via email. You now have your word document, the most editable file type.

What Makes PDFBear Different?

Converting a Word document to a PDF file has always been an easy task, but it is not the same the other way around. Not all PDF to Word converters can convert your file into an editable word document. Good thing PDFBear is a reliable PDF to Word converter, and it can do just that without a hassle.

Easy to Use

PDFBear has been awarded Best Choice for PDF to Word Converter. It is the easiest tool to use if you want your PDF file to turn into a document file. You only need to follow four (4) steps/ instructions, and you won’t get confused.  It has a user-friendly interface wherein everyone can easily find the tools they need on the website. With Just a few clicks, your file will convert in a matter of seconds.

This PDF to Word converter is very capable of converting any PDF files with no size limit. This converter supports a lot of different languages. The best thing about this is you don’t have to pay for anything, it is free, and you don’t need to subscribe or sign-up.

Keeps the Original Format and Layout

One of the most annoying things to happen when you’re converting your file is when your converted document file has a different format from the original one. The font could have changed, or the images may have been misplaced. You will have to edit it, and it could be very time-consuming and counterproductive.

When PDFBear turns your graphics into a DOC/DOCX file, it retains the original format. The file can easily modify to your liking.


Yes, digitizing your documents can have several benefits. It is cost-effective, and it gives you easier access to information. When looking for a PDF to Word converter website, don’t use untrusted websites for your file conversion. It could make your documents vulnerable to a lot of issues.

PDFBear has a lot of features that value its users. It uses a secure technology that keeps your file private. You can protect your pdf files without spending anything. You can access your files through PDFBear’s Cloud System even if it’s been days since you converted them.

OCR Feature

Say you are at work, as paper piles up, it will be hard to find information. Sharing information could become slow and inefficient. That is when optical character recognition (OCR) comes in. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature scans each character on a page individually, making the uploaded file an actual text document instead of a JPEG/ image file.

PDFBear provides a wide range of tools that could cater to your file conversion needs. The inclusion of the optical character recognition (OCR) feature turns the converted files into a searchable and editable format. It makes everything easier than ever to store, import, edit, share and find information.

The Trouble With Conversions

Occasionally, when converting a PDF file to a word document, the converted file only shows the text without the proper formatting or images. The conversion may not be precise. It could affect the fonts, lists, paragraphs, tables, and columns or the alignment of the overall document. Another major problem that one may encounter is the converted file, or part of the converted file, cannot be changed or is uneditable.

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Out of all the tools available on the internet, PDFBear, a well-known PDF to word converter, works well in converting your needed files with proper formatting. It is a very simple tool that gives you an easy approach towards PDF conversion.

With PDFBear PDF to Word Converter, all you have to do is sit back and relax after uploading your PDF file. Let PDFBear do the work for you, hassle-free and without costing you anything. It is a PDF to Word converter that meets all converting expectations.